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Are you looking for some new ideas for hairstyles for the prom, homecoming, a wedding, a job interview, or a similar upcoming occasion? Try out our cool interactive hair photo editor below. Maybe you just want to change the look of your hair because you're tired of the style you've worn for a long time. Whatever your reason, it's exciting to try the latest styles! Finding those that work best with your type of hair and the shape of your face is what it's all about. You can upload your photo and try out thousands of different hairstyles and colors on your own head!

Click one of the purple links below to try hundreds of styles on a picture of your own face!

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This site is devoted to helping you find the best cuts for you, along with tips on how to create awesome hair that will make friends and strangers alike take notice. We have 4 different types of interactive 'hair style machines' that enable you to 'test-drive' your favorite hairstyles before spending hundreds of dollars on cuts that don't suit you. You can even print out your best hairstyles so that you can take them along to your hair stylist and show them exactly the style you want.

Every year, hot new styles spring up as the latest 'must have.' Sometimes they're brand new, but often they're just variations on older styles. Earlier this decade, short hair was in. In 2005 long wavy hair made a comeback, in 2007-2011 straight hairstyles were hot and 2012-2013 will provide an exciting new look. Trends change all the time. The trick is to find what kind of hair works for you, then come up with variations on that theme when you feel like a change.

What better way than to do your research online, see what the latest fashion trends in hair are, then simply work that into your new style with our virtual makeover machine. So not only will you be armed with the latest hairstyles from around the world, you will have seen what it looks like on your face, and make sure that the cut or color is suited to you - much better than doing it as a real life experiment! Use our machine and be confident in the knowledge that you know what you're going to get.

Also use our vast library of articles on hair and hair styles to get the best advice on hair care and styling options. We are a one stop shop for all your questions about the latest in hair!

  Try on Different Styles

View yourself in over 6,000 styles!

Sometimes it's hard to picture yourself in different hairstyles. 

Click on one of the blue links below to try our interactive hair editor. After clicking a blue link below, just click the photos to see the different faces in different styles.  Very cool!  You can even register and upload your own photo! Just find "Click here to register" and you'll be 2 minutes away from seeing how you look in each of the styles in the database - over 3,000 of them! You can also see how you look with celebrity or wedding styles and there's a 'magic hair machine' for men as well!

Click one of the purple links below to try it out.

Women's styles            Men's styles          Celebrity styles          Wedding styles  

If you have a big event coming up and need to look glamorous, what better idea than to "preview" your latest look by using our virtual hairstyle machine. It allows you to experiment with hundreds of different styles, cuts, colors and lengths of hair designs. All you need is a picture of your face - then download it into the system and then you can start playing with the machine and testing out any style you like.

The system provides hair options for prom night, weddings, parties and any celebration you can think of, giving you ideas for glamour and the latest cutting edge cuts. The best thing is you can see on your computer exactly how the cut or colour looks BEFORE you go to the salon and spend hundreds - potentially on a haircut that may not end up looking so hot.

So for whatever the occasion, or even if you just need a change, use our virtual hair styles machine and know what looks good on you before you go to the hair stylist.


Are Celebrity Styles Right for You?

Angelina Jolie

Actresses like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have huge followings that always want to know which hairstyles they’re wearing this week. Celebrity styles set trends that filter down to Main Street, USA. Keeping up with all of that can be a headache and cause you unnecessary stress. Why bother? Instead of constantly following the big stars, take your best hair assets and make the most of them!

Trendy and popular styles quickly become yesterday's news, don't they? You've probably seen them come and go over the years. The best thing for most women (and men) is to find a great hair stylist with whom you can communicate openly and who will be totally honest with you about which styles look good on you (and which are duds).

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